Our Proper, Tasty Meat

Mouthwatering meat as it should be. The star of the dinner table, from animals who have lived really good lives, cared for by farmers who actually care, producing cuts naturally full of flavour that deserved to be devoured. Proper, tasty stuff, fresh from our favourite native-breed, free range farmers and butchers.

Melt in the mouth

Tip top butchers

Like the best recipes, our butchers don't like to overcomplicate things.

People like Warwickshire's Rob Downey and Herefordshire's Matt Waller - they do everything properly, bringing the best flavours out in their favourite cuts. Beef is dry aged, bacon is dry cured and everything is cut to order. This means the freshest meat. Meat to make your taste buds sing and your guests fight for seconds.

It's in their blood

Blooming brilliant British farmers

There’s no need to lecture them on the benefits of the highest of animal welfare standards. ‘Grass fed’, ‘free range’, ‘outdoor reared’, ‘native breed’, ‘low intervention’ - to them it’s just ‘how it should be’ or ‘how it’s always been’.

Delivered to you direct from guys and girls who've been at it for generations, like Charles Ashbridge, Yorkshire's native breed pioneer.

Tuck in!