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2 Gammon steaks

Intense flavour for a delicious dinner

2 Pork chops

Bone in for a real treat

2 Pork loin steaks

Bone out, super tender, quick cook

Bacon lardons

Perfect little free range lardons

Black pudding

The making of a proper fry up


Native breed, free-range chipolatas

Classic pork sausages

Freshly-made, native breed sausages

Cumberland curl

Freshly-made, peppery, and spiral

Diced pork

Lean, tender and super versatile

Half native-breed pig

A pork-lover's dream

Horseshoe gammon

Sweet and great for a group

Pork baby back ribs

Tender and lean, ideal to marinate

Pork belly

Ace crackling from a simple slow-roast

Pork belly ribs

Flavoursome spare ribs

Pork belly strips

Marinated moist barbecue perfection

Pork cheeks

Often overlooked rare breed, outdoor reared and free range cut

Pork hock

An inexpensive and flavoursome slow-cook cut

Pork leg

Perfect for roasting, stewing or braising

Pork loin joint

Full of flavour & ideal for roasting

Pork mince

Lean, free range pork mince

Pork shoulder

A sweet and juicy roasting joint

Pork, wild honey and mustard burgers

Quarter pounders, juicy and sweet


Super versatile sausage meat

Sausagemeat 225g

Super versatile sausage meat

Smoked back bacon

Rare breed and free range - perfect for a fry up

Spare rib steaks

A cut you won't see in the supermarket

Streaky bacon

Perfect with American style pancakes

Unsmoked back bacon

Perfect for a fry up

Whole native breed pig

Head to toe butchery

Whole pork tenderloin

A lean and tender cut

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