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2 Lamb leg steaks

Lean and flavoursome lamb steak

2 Lamb rump steaks (6-7oz)

Tender, sweet, rich and tasty

4 Lamb chops

You can't beat the classics

A Nose to Tail Introduction

Some of our favourite, most flavoursome, alternative cuts

Best of British Lamb Hamper

Perfect for the lover of Lamb

Breast of lamb

Perfect piece of lamb for a delicious slow roast

Butterfly lamb shoulder

Butterflied and perfect for braising, marbled and mature

Diced lamb

Sweet and diced for your convenience

Lamb and mint burgers

Quarter pounders, with a bit of zing

Lamb cutlets

Delicate and tender

Lamb leg joint

Boneless, lean and tasty roasting joint

Lamb loin joint

Melt-in-the-mouth roasting joint

Lamb mince

Melt in the mouth mince. Magic

Lamb neck fillet

Succulent versatile and scrummy

Lamb noisettes

Tender, delicious discs of lamb

Lamb rump joint

Delicious as a roast or sliced into steaks

Lamb shank

Flavoursome and ideal for slow cooking

Leg of lamb

Super tasty, lean roasting joint

Rack of lamb

A true dinner party hero

Shoulder of lamb 1.2kg

Juicy, melt-in-the-mouth goodness

Whole native breed lamb

Head to toe butchery

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