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2 Bacon ribeye steaks

A serious dry cured steak

2 Barnsley lamb chops

The Yorkshire king of lamb chops

2 Bavette steaks

The French go-to for steak-frites

2 Chicken breasts - skin off

Free range & super versatile

2 Chicken breasts - skin on

Hugely versatile & super tender

2 Chicken leg quarters

Tender, flavoursome & juicy

2 Chicken supremes

Bone in, king of chicken breasts

2 Chicken thighs

Packed with flavour & tender

2 Denver steaks

Succulent, beefy and getting a trendy reputation

2 Duck breasts

Quick cook & highly impressive

2 Duck legs

Easy cook & bursting with flavour

2 Feather steaks

Heroically tasty steaks cut from the shoulder

2 Fillet steaks

A proper tender cut from a lazy muscle

2 Flank steaks

Hearty, lean and flavoursome

2 Flatiron steaks

Tasty versatile steak, also called a butler's steak

2 Gammon steaks

Intense flavour for a delicious dinner

2 Lamb chops

You can't beat the classics

2 Lamb leg steaks

Lean and flavoursome lamb steak

2 Lamb rump steaks (6-7oz)

Tender, sweet, rich and tasty

2 Minute steaks

Budget friendly, quick cook fave

2 Picanha steaks

A Brazilian favourite from the sirloin cap

2 Pork chops

Bone in for a real treat

2 Pork loin steaks

Bone out, super tender, quick cook

2 Porterhouse steaks

The on-the-bone steak house classic

2 Ribeye steaks

Beautifully marbled for an incredible flavour

2 Rump steaks

A flavoursome unsung hero!

2 Sirloin steaks

An absolute classic

4 Chicken drumsticks

Huge flavour & versatile

4 Chicken wings

Tender, meaty & moreish

4 Lamb cutlets

Delicate and tender lush lamb

6 Venison and red wine sausages

6 sausages with big flavour

7 days of proper produce

Your Monday - Sunday meal planning sorted

Alternative steaks box

Unsung heroes & more unusual cuts

Bacon lardons

Perfect little free range lardons

Beef bucco

For showstopping dinner party casseroles

Beef shin

For intensely tasty stews or casseroles

Beef short ribs

Jacob's Ladder, ideal for a slow-cook centrepiece

Beef skirt steak

A tasty cut revered the world over

Beef strip sirloin

An indulgent, boneless Sunday roast

Best of British Lamb Hamper

Perfect for the lover of Lamb

Big surprise box

Our biggest surprise box - guaranteed to get your culinary juices f...

Black pudding

The making of a proper fry up

Breast of lamb

Perfect piece of lamb for a delicious slow roast

Butterfly lamb shoulder

Butterflied and perfect for braising, marbled and mature

Cannon of lamb

Extremely tender, from the eye of the loin


Ultra-prime fillet centrepiece

Chinese New Year Hamper

Try your hand at some oriental classics


Native breed, free-range chipolatas

Classic pork sausages

Freshly-made, native breed sausages

Classic surprise box

Our surprise box - guaranteed to delight

Cooking with kids box

Great for all the family

Cumberland curl

Freshly-made, peppery, and spiral

Diced beef

Perfect for your next pie

Diced chicken breast

Free range & ready to go

Diced chicken thigh and leg meat

Lean, flavoursome & versatile

Diced lamb

Sweet and diced for your convenience

Diced pork

Lean, tender and super versatile

Diced venison

Slow cook winter warmer

Dinners for two

Wonderful cuts for a wonderful couple

Duck stir-fry strips

Lean, flavoursome & quick cook

Family Favourites

From staples to your Sunday roast - ideal for foodie families

Favourites barbecue box

Year round BBQ staples & impressive cuts

Featherblade braising steak

Great for casseroles with a bit of a difference

Fillet strip

The godfather of beef cuts

Fillet tail pieces

Cut from smaller tail-end of the tenderloin

Forerib Roasting Hamper

A showpiece dry-aged joint with all the trimmings - serves 5-6

Forerib roasting joint

Perfectly marbled and tender showpiece roasting joint

Free range chicken box

Taste the free range goodness

Half native-breed pig

A pork-lover's dream

Heartier steak selection

Quick, easy and perfect for weekday evenings

Horseshoe gammon

Sweet and great for a group

Knuckle end lamb shoulder

Marbled, gamey - for the slow cooker

Lamb and mint burgers

Quarter pounders, with a bit of zing

Lamb henry

A Cumbrian classic cross-cut from the shoulder

Lamb leg joint

Boneless, lean and tasty roasting joint

Lamb loin joint

Melt-in-the-mouth roasting joint

Lamb mince

Melt in the mouth mince. Magic

Lamb neck fillet

Succulent versatile and scrummy

Lamb noisettes

Tender, delicious discs of lamb

Lamb rump joint

Delicious as a roast or sliced into steaks

Lamb scrag end

Perfect for rich, flavoursome caseroles

Lamb shank

Flavoursome and ideal for slow cooking

Lamb shoulder bone-in

Bone in, marbled, roasting joy

Lean and keen box

High protein, low fat - perfect for fitness regimes...

Lean family selection hamper

healthy, versatile and perfect for meals together

Leg of lamb

Super tasty, lean roasting joint

Little surprise box

Small box, big contents

Low and slow box

Great cuts which can be left in the oven for hours

Matured flank and brisket burgers

Exceptional quarterpounder burgers made with trendy and flavoursome...

Native breed beef box

Native breed British beef delights

One-pot wonders

Hearty meals & minimal effort


Traditional, slow-cooking, gelatinous hero

Paleo box

High protein & full flavour - paleo designed

Pork baby back ribs

Tender and lean, ideal to marinate

Pork belly

Ace crackling from a simple slow-roast

Pork belly ribs

Flavoursome spare ribs

Pork belly strips

Marinated moist barbecue perfection

Pork cheeks

Often overlooked rare breed, outdoor reared and free range cut

Pork hock

An inexpensive and flavoursome slow-cook cut

Pork leg

Perfect for roasting, stewing or braising

Pork loin joint

Full of flavour & ideal for roasting

Pork mince

Lean, free range pork mince

Pork shoulder

A sweet and juicy roasting joint

Pork, wild honey and mustard burgers

Quarter pounders, juicy and sweet

Prime steak selection box

An introduction to five different prime steaks

Pure Steaks

Showcasing steakhouse classics and unsung heroes

Rack of lamb

A true dinner party hero

Rolled beef brisket

Perfect a bit of low and slow


Super versatile sausage meat

Sausagemeat 225g

Super versatile sausage meat

Seasonal Saver

Regular, great value, free-range meat - always in season

Shoulder of lamb

Juicy, melt-in-the-mouth goodness

Sirloin Pavé

Thick cut and richly marbled

Smoked back bacon

Rare breed and free range - perfect for a fry up

Spare rib steaks

A cut you won't see in the supermarket

Steak and bacon box

Proper steaks & proper lush bacon

Steak burgers

Classic, tasty quarter-pounders

Steak heroes box

Our legendary, rare-breed, steak box

Steak lover's box

A scrumptious selection of classic steaks

Steak mince

Lean and perfect for your next bolognese or cottage pie

Steak showcase selection

An introduction to six heroes, not often in supermarkets

Steakfest box

Great for a party

Stir-fry beef

Super versatile tasty and lean strips

Streaky bacon

Perfect with American style pancakes

T-bone steak (16oz)

Combining sirloin and fillet on the bone

The Big Surprise

Seasonally changing, direct from Britain's best producers

The Chicken and Pork Showcase

For those who'd rather avoid beef, lamb and game

The Heartier Showcase

For your regular fix of meat, cheese and charcuterie

The Lean and Keen

High protein, low fat - perfect for a balanced lifestyle

The Low and Slow

Labours of love that taste of lazy Sunday afternoons

The Quick and Easy

For 30-minute dinners, weeknights and busy lifestyles

The Surprise

Seasonally changing, direct from Britain's best producers

The Ultimate

Basics, pot-roasts, showstoppers, steaks and more

The Week Day box

Meals for the week, sorted. Buy with your Weekend Chicken box

The Weekend beef box

Weekend breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted, buy with your Week day box

The Weekend chicken box

Weekend breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted, buy with your Week day box

The Weekend pork box

Weekend breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted, buy with your Week day box

Tomahawk sharing steak

The ultimate show-stopper steak

Topside / Silverside

The go-to joint for a super Sunday roast

Ultimate meat box

Stock up with this ultimate selection

Unsmoked back bacon

Perfect for a fry up

Venison haunch steaks

Alternative steaks & full of flavour

Venison rump

Boned & rolled alternative roast

Whole chicken

Free-range & ready to roast

Whole duck

Dressed & ready to roast

Whole native breed lamb

Head to toe butchery

Whole native breed pig

Head to toe butchery

Whole pork tenderloin

A lean and tender cut

Whole spatchcock chicken

Quick cook, without backbone

Winter Roasting Hamper

Tasty roasting joints plus a whole lot more

Winter Roasts and Steaks Hamper

The perfect hamper for tasty Sunday roasts and cosy weekday dinners

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