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Amelia Rope - Hazelnut & Sea Salt

Dark Tanzanian chocolate with caramelised hazelnuts

Amelia Rope - Lemon & Sea Salt

Organic lemon oil and Maldon sea salt

Amelia Rope - Pistachio & Sea Salt

White chocolate with pistachio & sea salt

Best of both chocolate selection

Half trendy, half posh, four tablets

Chocolarder - Asháninka

70% dark chocolate with hints of red fruits, sweet apple and hazlenut

Chocolarder - Caramelised nibbed cacao

70% dark chocolate with nutty and earthy Brazilian cacao nibs

Chocolarder - Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

A festive 70% dark chocolate with edible gold leaf

Chocolarder - Wild gorse flower

50% milk chocolate with wild gorse flowers steeped in cocoa butter

Cocoa Ooze - Dark chilli

**New** - For those who like a bit of heat

Cocoa Ooze - White with raspberry

**New** - Perfect for munching, with a sweet and fruity tang

Creighton's - Custard Cream

A white chocolate tablet inspired by custard creams

Creighton's - Ginger Beer

Milk chocolate with ginger oil and popping candy

Creighton's - Peanut Nutter

Milk chocolate with roasted peanuts

Doisy and Dam - Coconut and lucuma

Single origin dark chocolate with lucuma - a Peruvian Fruit

Doisy and Dam - Goji and orange

Single origin dark chocolate with a citrus twist

Doisy and Dam - Vanilla and cacao nibs

Single origin milk chocolate with a rich crunch

Marou - Tiên Giang

70% dark chocolate from the Vietnamese Mekong Delta

Ocelot - Bee Pollen & Mango

Dark chocolate with bee pollen and mango

Ocelot - Fig & Orange

Dark chocolate with orange oil and figs

Ocelot - Island Sea Salt

Dark chocolate with sea salt

Posh chocolate selection

Four opulent and luxurious tablets

The Chocolate Discovery

Five premium British-made tablets through your letterbox

The Milk Collection

A four-bar selection of our favourite milk chocolates

Trendy chocolate selection

A modern and innovative four-bar chocolate selection

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