Whole spatchcock chicken

Whole spatchcock chicken

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A whole chicken with the backbone removed. Also, known as butterflying, spatchcocking flattens the bird so that it cooks more quickly - perfect on the barbecue. Our butchers leave the sternum in, which can be removed at home for even faster, flatter cooking. 

This is a proper bird. Free range, naturally reared and free of growth hormones, our farmers' birds live for nearly twice as long as a supermarket bird. Eating one of these birds is a joy, the breasts are super tender, while the dark meat in the legs delivers a glorious, slightly gamey, flavour. 

Minimum weight: 1.3kg

All of our meat is cut fresh to order by our butchers.

Everything is available for next day delivery as long as you order by 1.30pm.

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Quick recipe ideas

Keep it simple. Marinade briefly in olive oil, paprika, garlic and lemon before cooking to perfection on the barbecue. Stand back and accept the applause.  

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What is 'spatchcock'?

‘Spatchcock’ is a historical English term for a young male chicken – the chicken equivalent to a suckling pig. These days it is used to describe the butchery preparation of removing the back bone

Dave Murphy has been a butcher all his life, we think he's the one of the best

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Whole spatchcock chicken

Whole spatchcock chicken


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