Whole native breed lamb
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Whole native breed lamb

£239.00 - £249.00
  • Free range Free range
  • Grass fed Grass fed
  • Native breed Native breed
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Are you planning an absolute blow-out, feeling hungry or just looking for the ultimate purchase for a meat lover?! This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get your hands on a whole free-range, native breed lamb, butchered into joints and cuts as recommended by our butchers.

Your lamb will be one of three native breeds: Lleyn, Dorset or Suffolk (we'll let you know which when you place your order) and you can choose to receive your lamb in one shipment, or split into two 'half-lamb' deliveries a month apart.

Cut fresh to order and vacuum-packed, your lamb will be suitable for home freezing (should you choose to) or for slapping straight on the BBQ for a totally delicious feast.

2 x 1.8kg boned and rolled lamb shoulder (1 whole, 1 in 2 halves)
2 x 2kg bone-in leg of lamb (1 whole, 1 in 2 halves)
2 x 500g boned and rolled breast of lamb

Smaller cuts
4 x 4 lamb chops (min 500g)
2 x 2 lamb rump chops (min. 400g)
2 x 500g lamb neck fillet
2 x 454g lean mince
2 x 350g diced lamb
1 x 2 rack of lamb

Your lamb will be cut fresh to order by our butchers. We have a minimum window of 3 working days before your delivery date to allow your order to be delivered - work with small, independent producers who may need a bit of time to ensure their stock.

The items will be packed into vacuum sealed units and dispatched direct from our butchers in multiple boxes. We advise that you are in to receive your delivery on your chosen delivery date, as multiple boxes may not be appropriate to leave outside your property.

If you have opted for your lamb in 2 installments, your second delivery will occur exactly one month after your first delivery - but you can contact us to request an alternative date. In order to guarantee freshness of your meat, your 2nd delivery will be butchered from a different lamb.

All further questions are answered here.


Sorry, subscription is not available for this product. However we do offer a variety of meat subscriptions, so please have a look at our selection.


Quick recipe ideas

Super scrummy shoulder. Break up a couple of bulbs of garlic and spread around a high walled baking tray and toss in a couple of sprigs of fresh rosemary. Rub the joint with olive oil, salt and pepper. Place it in the tray and wrap well with tin foil making sure the tray is totally sealed. Roast in the oven at 170oC for 3 hours. What comes out will blow your mind.

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Lamb vs hogget vs mutton

To be classified as a 'lamb' the animal must be under 1 year old. Aged 1-2 years it is called hogget, and over 2 years it's mutton.

Rob first took the reins of his own butchers at the tender age of 22, and ever since has been focussed on sourcing locally from farmers who have a proper commitment to animal welfare.

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Whole native breed lamb

Whole native breed lamb

£239.00 - £249.00

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