Half native-breed pig
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Half native-breed pig

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Are you planning an absolute blow-out, feeling hungry or just looking for the ultimate purchase for a meat lover?! Half a native breed, free-range pig butchered into pork joints and cuts as recommended by our own butchers. Either a Gloucester Old Spot, Large Black or Oxford Sandy Black - we'll let you know which when you place your order.

Cut fresh to order and vacuum-packed, your pork will be suitable for home freezing (should you choose to) or for throwing straight onto the BBQ for an epic feast.

Our farmers' native breed pigs are outdoor reared, growing and maturing at their natural pace to develop a high fat content that keeps the meat moist during cooking.

2 x 2kg boned and rolled shoulder
1 x 2kg bone-in hand of pork
1 x 1.2kg bone-in pork loin joint
2 x 2.5kg boned and rolled pork leg
1 x 500g pork hocks
2 x 200g trotters
1 x 1kg boned pork belly

Smaller cuts
1 x 500g whole pork tenderloin
1 x 350g diced pork
3 x 2 8oz pork loin steaks
3 x 2 8oz pork chops
1 x 1kg belly-ribs (bone-in)
1 x 1kg belly strips (bone-out)
1 x 454g lean mince
1 x 9 rare-breed classic pork sausages

Your pork will be cut fresh to order by our butchers. We have a minimum window of 3 working days before your delivery date to allow your order to be delivered - work with small, independent producers who may need a bit of time to ensure their stock.

The items will be packed into vacuum sealed units and dispatched direct from our butchers in multiple boxes. We advise that you are in to receive your delivery on your chosen delivery date, as multiple boxes may not be appropriate to leave outside your property.

All further questions are answered here.

The sausages in this box contain the following allergens:


Sorry, subscription is not available for this product. However we do offer a variety of meat subscriptions, so please have a look at our selection.


Quick recipe ideas

I mean, with this much meat, what can't you do?! Give the trotters a go, they may be a little scary, but with a quick simmer (for 45 mins) and then score, drench in honey and brown sugar and bake for 15 mins at a medium heat, they make an amazingly sweet and tender snack!

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From farm to fork

The Orchard pig (AKA Gloucester Old Spot) is the oldest pedigree spotted pig breed. It is now a rare-breed after mass supermarket production increased the production of paler, leaner, faster-growing pigs

Rob first took the reins of his own butchers at the tender age of 22, and ever since has been focussed on sourcing locally from farmers who have a proper commitment to animal welfare.

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Half native-breed pig

Half native-breed pig


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Whole native breed pig

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