2 Chicken breasts - skin on

2 Chicken breasts - skin on

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Taken from the front of the bird, our butchers leave the skin on these chicken breasts. The extra fat within the skin keeps the meat amazingly tender and moist during cooking and gives a bigger flavour. 

Our farmers' free range, naturally reared birds live for almost twice as long as a supermarket bird. This means that these chicken breasts are super tender and pack a much more intense and gamey flavour. Crisp up the skin and your guests will be fighting over the last glorious morsel. 

Not fed growth hormones, these are proper birds, left to develop in their own time. The result? They taste like they used to. 

Average weight: 400g


All of our meat is cut fresh to order by our butchers.

Everything is available for next day delivery as long as you order by 1.30pm.

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Quick recipe ideas

For super crispy skin, fry in hot oil for 8 mins skin side down. Flip briefly onto the other side to seal, then pop in a hot oven for 15 - 20 mins before tucking in. Crispy perfection.

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Skin-on or skin-off?

The skin has a wonderful layer of insulating fat that keeps the breast moist during cooking, and is at its best when crisped up! If wrapping or chopping your breasts, opt for skin-off.

Rob first took the reins of his own butchers at the tender age of 22, and ever since has been focussed on sourcing locally from farmers who have a proper commitment to animal welfare.

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2 Chicken breasts - skin on

2 Chicken breasts - skin on


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