Lamb saddle (loin)
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Lamb saddle (loin)

£24.00 - £36.00
  • Serves4-5
  • Serves6-7
  • Free range Free range
  • Grass fed Grass fed
  • Native breed Native breed
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This boned and rolled saddle really is a proper roast. Also known as a rolled loin, it's taken from the middle of the back (the same part that is cut into lamb chops), our butchers bone and roll the loin to make that nice lazy Sunday roast even easier. The meat is sweet and tender, with a juicy layer of fat that renders down during cooking to keep everything melt-in-the-mouth good!

Our farmers' lambs are all native breed, outdoor reared and bred, free range and solely grass fed.

Native breeds include: Lleyn, Dorset, Jacob, Shetland and Suffolk. 

Minimum weight: 1kg or 1.5kg

All of our meat is cut fresh to order by our butchers.

Everything is available for next day delivery as long as you order by 1.30pm.

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Quick recipe ideas

Rub in some salt and pepper with a bit of oil, place in a roast dish skin side up with your choice of root veg a roast at 200°C for 20 mins, then drop down the heat to 190°C for another hour. Take it out and let it rest for 20 mins before tucking in.

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Pretty in pink...

The lamb loin joint is best served pink, with the meat remaining moist, tender and totally knockout delicious

Dave Murphy has been a butcher all his life, we think he's the one of the best

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Lamb saddle (loin)

Lamb saddle (loin)

£24.00 - £36.00

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