Butterfly lamb shoulder
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Butterfly lamb shoulder

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Perfect for slow braising, the fat marbled through the joint melts, naturally basting the joint for a succulent and tender meat that will melt in your mouth. A hard-working muscle compared to leg, lamb shoulder needs a bit longer in the oven on a low temperature, which allows all the muscle fibres to tenderise.

Be warned, there might be a fight for leftovers! The shoulder is boned and butterflied by our butchers to allow the heat to penetrate the meat from a large surface area.

To cook a juicy lamb shoulder, cook low and slow on a bed of onions and carrots - see the full recipe below!

Our farmers' lambs are all native breed, outdoor reared and bred, free range and solely grass fed.

Native breeds include: Lleyn, Dorset, Jacob, Shetland and Suffolk.

Minimum weight: 1.0kg

All of our meat is cut fresh to order by our butchers.

Everything is available for next day delivery as long as you order by 1.30pm.

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Quick recipe ideas

In a large roasting dish, add some sliced onions and carrots, and lay the lamb on top. Cut small slits in the top of the lamb, and rub a herb paste (rosemary, thyme, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper blended) all over, into the cracks. Cook on 200oC for 30mins, then reduce the heat to 140oC for 2hrs.

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Roast Shoulder or Leg?

The shoulder is fattier and a hard working muscle, which means it can be tough if cooked too quickly. A butterflied shoulder is perfect for a low and slow, as the heat can penetrate a larger surface area to tenderise and break down the muscle fibres, leaving the meat juicy and melt in the mouth.

Rob first took the reins of his own butchers at the tender age of 22, and ever since has been focussed on sourcing locally from farmers who have a proper commitment to animal welfare.

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Butterfly lamb shoulder

Butterfly lamb shoulder


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