Tomahawk sharing steak
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Tomahawk sharing steak

  • Serves3-4
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  • Grass fed Grass fed
  • Native breed Native breed
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The ultimate steak. An on the bone, inches-thick ribeye steak cut taken from the rib-primal. The meat is marbled and the fat melts down during cooking, while the bone helps to distribute heat evenly. With the bone-in, this is a real show-stopper for sharing.

Our farmers' native breed cows are outdoor reared and grass fed, growing and maturing at their natural pace to develop a high fat content that keeps the meat moist during cooking. With our butchers then hanging and dry aging all of the gorgeous meat for at least 21 days, you're left with incredibly tasty beef, whichever cut you go for.

Air dry-aged and matured beef can be slightly darker around the edges than the centre - something you won't see in the supermarket. This is perfectly normal and indicative of traditionally aged meat.

Native breeds include Angus, Ruby, Longhorn, Shorthorn, Dexter and Hereford.

Minimum weight: 1kg


All of our meat is cut fresh to order by our butchers.

Everything is available for next day delivery as long as you order by 1.30pm.

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Quick recipe ideas

Season liberally with salt and pepper before pan searing on either side for 3 minutes. Pop into a hot oven (200C) for 10 - 15 minutes (depending on how rare you like it) and your steak should be ready. Serve whole in the middle of the table and dig in.

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Why the name?

The tomahawk steak gets its name from it's shape. The steak at the end of the long rib-bone, resembles a tomahawk axe. Also known as the cowboy steak, it's not for the faint-hearted. 

Based in Essex, Joe is one of our fantastic butchers

Local tasty produce

Tomahawk sharing steak

Tomahawk sharing steak


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2 Ribeye steaks

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