Steak lover's box
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Steak lover's box

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Three glorious cuts of steak, perfect for any true steak lover. This box proves what any steak eater knows, that's there's so much more to steak than fillet.

Containing pairs of beautifully marbled ribeyes, scrumptious sirloins with a creamy strip of delicious fat along the edge and gorgeously lean rumps best eaten rare, this box is a real treat. 

All of our steaks are cut from slow growing, native breed animals. Our butchers then dry age the steaks for at least 21 days which means that our steaks taste much beefier than your average steak. Proper steak for proper steak lovers.

All of our meat is cut fresh to order by our butchers.

Everything is available for next day delivery as long as you order by 1.30pm.

All further questions are answered here.

Quick recipe ideas

Don't mess about with your steaks. Salt, freshly ground pepper and smoking hot oil in a pan is all you need. Rare is about 3 minutes each side, medium 4 minutes and well 5 minutes. Rest for at least 5 mins after cooking to allow the meat to absorb those glorious juices.

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Beyond fillet

The buttery soft and tender fillet seems to grab all the attention. It cooks quickly but, with very little fat running through it, it doesn't have quite the same flavour of the other cuts. So if you want something with a bigger beefier flavour give ribeye a go

Based in Essex, Joe is one of our fantastic butchers

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Steak lover's box

Steak lover's box


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