Cornish seaweed & cider salami

Cornish seaweed & cider salami

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Norton Barton Farm, based just outside Bude in Cornwall, use their own pork and beef in this well balanced salami. Developed to a unique recipe, the meat is combined with seaweed gathered off the coast of St. Ives and locally produced North Coast Cider. This is a hand crafted gem best enjoyed with a dry cider.

Average weight: 60g

Our charcuterie is available for next day delivery and sent via courier direct from our producers. Unlike fresh meat, our charcuterie is shipped at ambient temperature as all the meat is cured. Your box will be with you within 24hrs of packing.

We recommend storing your charcuterie in your fridge at home, but allowing it to come up to room temperature before consumption.

This salami contains the following allergens:

Cornish Lop pork, Cornish beef, Cornish Spaghetti seaweed, North Coast cider (contains sulphites), spices, salt, preservatives : E250 Sodium Nitrate


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Quick recipe ideas

Wrap 1 tsp of ricotta in each slice of Cornish Seaweed & Cider salami (up to you how many!). Mix 2 cloves of finely chopped garlic, a tbsp of chopped thyme and 5 halved cherry tomatoes with a tbsp of olive oil and pinch of salt. Lightly toast 2 slices of toast, cover with this mix and top with your salami & ricotta rolls. 

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Cornish seaweed & cider salami

Cornish seaweed & cider salami


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