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Hi, we're Heartier

Everyone's local farm shop.

We help our favourite local producers deliver their proper, tasty produce fresh to your kitchen.
We believe that shaking up the weekly food shop by bringing the country's most passionate cooks (you!) closer to its most passionate producers can only do good. So that's what we're doing.

With Hubbub's blessing, we hope you will use Heartier to keep supporting independent British artisans and put top-notch food on the table.

Passionate producers make the tastiest produce

Local guys and girls obsessed with doing it right. No corner-cutting, no intensive farming, just good, old-fashioned, hard graft and a deep love for their produce.

From free range, native breed fresh meat (all of our beef is dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days and pork is salt-cured to ensure top-notch taste) to deliciously funky farmhouse cheeses and dangerously moreish British charcuterie and chocolate, delivered fresh from their hands to your kitchen. Time to tuck in!

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Shop independent now

offer valid until 30 June 2017