• How does my order get to me and how does it stay fresh?

    Your order is sent via courier fresh from our producers. Your box has a recyclable insulated liner and has distilled water ice packs inside which thaw in transit to keep the contents ice cool. Your box will be with you within 24hrs of packing, but should there be a rare but unavoidable delay and your box cannot be delivered until the next day, fear not. Our packaging has been designed to keep the contents safe and cool for at least 48hrs which ensures that all of your tasty produce will be fresh as a daisy the next day too.

  • I won’t be in to receive my delivery, what can I do?

    We'll ask for some leave safe instructions so that even if you’re not in, the courier can drop off your box. If you don’t have a porch or shed, some of our customers leave out a large plastic container for the courier to pop the box into, keeping the elements at bay. We also deliver to work addresses all the time. We’ll do whatever is easiest for you.

  • Is my meat safe to freeze?

    All of our products are fresh and have never been frozen, just as nature intended. Your meat comes in neat little vacuum packed bags which means that you can pop them straight into your fridge or freezer. Remember to defrost fully before cooking for the best flavour.
  • Why is there a strong smell when I open the vac-pack?

    Vacuum packing is a very effective way of preserving raw meat, and is the preferred packaging method of all our butchers. The removal of air from the pack means all air flow is eliminated until a package is opened. This keeps your meat fresher for longer, but on occasion this can result in an unsavoury smell when a pack is opened. Products more likely to experience this issue are lamb, duck and chicken. Once the product is removed from the packaging and allowed to ‘air’, the smell should dissipate. We recommend removing the meat from the vac pack an hour before cooking, and allowing to come to room temperature on a plate loosely covered with kitchen roll. If you still have any concerns, please get in touch on 0208 706 0025 or via email at: hello@heartier.com and we'd be happy to help.

  • Do you charge for delivery?

    Delivery is free for all subscription products or if you spend over £50. If your order is below £50, delivery is £4.95.

  • Where do you deliver?

    We deliver our Chocolate UK-wide but sadly there are a few exceptions for Meat, Cheese and Charcuterie. We’re working on it, but currently we cannot deliver Meat, Cheese and Charcuterie to AB31 onwards, FK17-21, HS, IV, KA27, KA28, KW, PH15 onwards, ZE, TR21-25, PA20 onwards, Scottish Islands, Channel Islands, Scilly Isles, Northern Ireland & Isle of Man. We can deliver to the Isle of Wight Tuesday-Friday, but we can't deliver here on a Saturday unfortunately!

  • Why don’t you deliver on Sundays and Mondays?

    It’s all about freshness and quality. We all need a bit of time off and our butchers and cheesemongers don’t work over the weekend. As all of our meat and cheese is cut fresh, this means we’re unable to deliver on Sundays and Mondays.

  • When’s the latest I can order for next day delivery?

    You can order all of our products for next day delivery until 1.30pm the day before.

    Subsciption products are delivered on Thursdays. Please see the subscription FAQs for more information.

  • Is your packaging recyclable and reusable?

    Yes and we would love you to do so. Recycle it, reuse it but please don’t bin it! Check in with your local council for full details.

  • Where do I find out more about the produce I’m ordering?

    Each of our product pages is packed full of detail about the product, where it comes from and handy little tips from us and our suppliers. However, if you would like any more information please just give us a call – we’re always happy to help.
  • I have a query about allergens

    We work with a number of our favourite producers from across the country. We realise allergen information is important and that different customers have very different needs and requirements. If your order is for someone who has a severe reaction to a particular allergen, please contact us to discuss it. If you would like to find out any more about the potential allergens in any of our products, please get in touch with the team and we will happily run you through all of the details.

  • Is any of your produce Organic or Fairtrade?

    Whilst we are not Organic or Fairtrade certified we ensure that we work with farmers and producers who take great care of the land and their employees. Most of our suppliers are small and while they typically subscribe to the practices and ethos of Organic and Fairtrade schemes, for many of them, the cost and administrative burden of certification means it is not worthwhile. We pay our suppliers a great price because what they’re producing is worth every penny. Across the site you’ll see our guys in action and we show you exactly how they do it – we’re proud of every single one of them.

    In addition, we are aligned with CIWF (Compassion in World Farming) and our own Farm Assurance Scheme is based on a belief that good animal welfare ensures animals have a sense of well being, are truly happy and enjoy a genuinely good life.

    This framework is based on the Five freedoms;

    Freedom from hunger or thirst by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour

    Freedom from discomfort by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area

    Freedom from pain, injury or disease by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment

    Freedom to express (most) normal behaviour by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal's own kind

    Freedom from fear and distress by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering

  • What does Native Breed mean?

    Native Breed animals are those that have been established in the UK for more than 50 years (but often much longer!) They tend to be not traditionally used by supermarkets as whilst they produce amazing meat, they mature more slowly than breeds reared specifically for supermarkets. These fast-rearing techniques grow super quickly in order to maximise the yield weight per animal in the shortest possible time. As a result, many of our traditional British breeds are at risk as fewer farmers are raising them. Our first focus at Heartier is always to ensure that the welfare of the animals being reared and sourced by our producers is of the highest standard. The slow-grow approach necessary with native breed animals, the resulting delicious meat and the added benefit of supporting the survival of these lovely animals is why we can’t get enough!

    Examples include Gloucester Old Spot, Cornish Black and Berkshire pigs, Dexter, Hereford and Longhorn cattle, Lleyn, Suffolk and Jacob lambs and Derbyshire Redcap and Ixworth chickens. In the case of pigs, occasionally a farmer will rear piglets born by native breed sow and a larger, more muscular breed boar. Whilst these boars will always be British domestic, they may have a lineage back to European breeds like Pietrain or US breeds like Duroc.

  • Can I select which day I receive my subscription orders?

    Meat subscriptions can be scheduled to arrive on any day Tuesday - Saturday and can be scheduled to arrive at 2 and 4 week intervals. 

  • I’m going away, can I pause my subscription?

    Lucky you! Sounds fun, can we come too?! 

    Of course you can. We’ve aimed to make your subscription as easy to manage and flexible as possible. In the 'Subscription' section of your account you can pause your subscription, or change the address if you want to re-route it to a lucky friend or family member while you’re away.

  • I want to cancel my subscription, what can I do?

    We don’t want to lose you, but if you’re really sure, you can cancel at any time. Just go to the 'Subscriptions' section of your account and follow the instructions

  • If I subscribe, when will you charge me?

    When you place your first order we will charge you immediately. All subsequent payments are taken from your account 3 days before delivery is due.

  • How do I know that my payments are secure?

    We do not hold any of your card data ourselves. All credit and debit card information is stored securely by Stripe who process all of our online payments and keep everything secure.

  • I still can’t see what I’m looking for!

    If we don’t stock what you’re looking for or we haven’t answered your question please give us a call or drop us an email. We’re very good at special requests!

  • Why is my meat not vac-packed?

    The only meat items our butchers don't vac-pack are whole duck and chicken, as they would inevitably look a bit squashed after the air has been removed from the packet.

    All other meat items will be vac-packed and every effort is made to ensure products reach you in tip top condition, but on occasion a vacuum seal may have failed, or a pack may have been pierced by a bone. If this is the case, please take a quick photo and send it through to hello@heartier.com with your contact number, and a member of the team will be in touch to help resolve this.

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