Host a Haggis inspired Burns Night

Celebrating the life of poet Robert Burns, Burns night is a hugely popular Scottish tradition involving recitals, pipe music and haggis. While this famous delicacy is available all year round, Burns Night throws the spotlight on it making it much easier to get your hands on! 

Haggis, a mixture of lamb and beef combined with oatmeal and sauteed onions (it's not a creature of the Scottish highlands as popular fiction might have it!), is delicious and easy to cook making it a perfect centre-piece for an easy dinner party and a great excuse to host one. 

Fancy giving it a go? Grab a haggis, get the invites out and follow this step by step plan for your Burns night celebration this weekend;

  1. To start – everyone gathers, the host says a few words, everyone sits and the Selkirk Grace is said.
  2. The meal – the starter is served, the haggis is piped in, the host performs Address to a Haggis, everyone toasts the haggis and the main meal is served, followed by dessert.
  3. After the meal – the first Burns recital is performed, the Immortal Memory (the main tribute speech to Burns) is given, the second Burns recital is performed, then there’s a Toast to the Lassies, followed by a Reply to the Toast to the Lassies, before the final Burns recital is performed.
  4. To end the night – the host gives a vote of thanks, everyone stands and sings Auld Lang Syne, crossing their arms and joining hands at the line ‘And there's a hand, my trusty fere!’.

(Source: Visit Scotland

Want more tips on speeches, music & even some nifty facts (such as Bob Dylan crediting Robert Burns as his biggest inspiration!) for your evening? Head to Scotland.org for all the information you could wish for! 

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