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Roast belly of lamb with garlic & rosemary

Full of flavour and a fairly cheap cut, lamb breast is a hidden gem.

Best slow roasted, this recipe uses lashings of garlic and rosemary but still lets the meat do the talking.

Need to know:

Serves: 4
Prep time: 15
Cook time: 3
Total time: 3


1 x Heartier 1kg lamb belly
12 shallots
1 bulb of garlic
Handful of rosemary
2 tablespoons of olive oil


1. Slice the shallots in half, remove the skin and place on the bottom of a roasting tray along with half of the garlic cloves (whole).
2. Finley chop the rosemary and the other half of the garlic before combining with the olive oil, salt and pepper to form a rough paste.
3. Rub the lamb breast with the garlic and rosemary paste and lay on top of the shallots before covering with tin foil. Pop into an oven pre-heated to 150C and leave to slow roast for 3 hours.
4. Remove and rest for 15 minutes.
5. Cut the lamb breast into slices to serve, spooning the juices from the bottom of the roasting tray over each slice.
6. Serve with tenderstem brocolli, kale and mash


Roast lamb breast with garlic and rosemary

Roast lamb breast with garlic and rosemary

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